Productivity Solutions for Business Professionals

I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by work and life. As leaders and entrepreneurs, we are drowning in information, requests, and ideas. You can learn to gain control over your days, conquer overwhelm, and have more time for what matters most. I’d like to help. I offer assistance through 1:1 consulting, virtual coaching, and team training and facilitation. Together we will determine the best fit for your needs.

As a busy professional, do the following sound familiar?


  You are overwhelmed and lack focus.

  You waste time looking for information.

  You have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

  You reach the end of your day feeling a lack of accomplishment.

  You understand the importance of effective tools and systems but don’t know where to start.

  You waste money that would be better spent growing your business, having more fun, and investing in others.


Are you ready to take your business or team to the next level but just need some direction and accountability?

Gain control of your space, information, and time.

Being productive in business and life comes down to control over three general areas of management:

  • Space – Imagine walking into a pleasant, organized space that allows you to do your best work.
  • Information – Information clutter causes stress, overwhelm and lack of focus, not to mention wasted time spent looking for lost items. The right tools and systems for information such as paper, digital files, and email will allow you to focus on what matters. 
  • Time – There are 24 hours in a day and it’s easy to waste many of them. The key to a productive day is being proactive in your planning and decisions. 

Through an initial productivity audit, I help you evaluate each area, determine where your biggest challenges lie, and create a plan to address them.  We can then work together in person or virtually to implement your productivity plan, grow your business, and reach your goals.

How do you score when it comes to management of your time, space, information? Find out with my Productivity Scorecard and receive a FREE 30 minute productivity assessment.

Take Your Business to the Next Level.

Maybe you've grown too fast, or perhaps you're a new business ready to put systems and processes in place for growth. Maybe you've been around a while and provide a great product or service but know you could do better if your team were more efficient. Even if you're comfortable with your individual level of productivity, you no doubt realize that a business is often made up of a team of people who work together to impact the success of the entire organization.

I assist businesses, teams, and leaders to analyze and improve six key areas of productivity. Together, we'll develop the most effective plan to bring structure, logic, and control to your organization. But our relationship doesn’t stop there. I am with you every step of the way to ensure your unique plan is implemented successfully. I’ll hold you and your team accountable and assist with actions when desired. The result is a more productive and less stressful environment for you and your team, and higher profitability for your business.

Some specific areas we may address include:

  • Central and individual filing systems
  • Development of standards and guidelines
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Electronic document architecture and management
  • Email and calendar management
  • Near-paperless environments
  • Office communication and collaboration
  • Project management
  • Space management and office organization
  • Strategic planning facilitation, documentation, and follow-up
  • System research and implementation
  • Time management training, including the Time Mastery Profile™
  • Workflow automation, optimization and documentation

I'd love to discuss how I can best support your business for growth and success.

Spend your time, energy, and money on the right things.

You want to be sure you're investing your resources wisely, and it's important to me that we focus on the challenges and opportunities that will bring you the biggest ROI. It’s hard to argue with the value of data in making improvements or changes in any area of business. Through my Workplace Productivity Survey, management receives the information needed to make the most valuable decisions related to team and office productivity. The survey gathers information on the six categories of business productivity with questions related to:

  • Greatest successes,
  • Greatest area of challenge and opportunity,
  • Current productivity tools and resources, and
  • Desired tools and resources.

A report containing detailed results of the survey, as well as recommended areas of improvement, is used to create the optimal productivity plan for your business. The Workplace Productivity Survey can be customized to meet your specific needs, or I can design a survey from scratch to meet any need you or your company may have.


Other services:

The Home Office

If you are drowning in paper, overwhelmed by email, challenged by time management, or struggling with storage systems, I can help. Whether you use a home office to run a business or a family, I will assist you in creating your unique, productive environment.

Other Residential Needs

I understand that living a balanced life means not only being productive at work, but being organized and productive at home.  We all need a sanctuary to return to at the end of the day. While I am not currently taking residential clients, with the exception of home office, I am happy to refer you to a trusted colleague.