Productivity Scorecard for Individuals

Life Made Simple's Productivity Scorecard for Individuals helps to determine your particular productivity challenges and gives you an easy way to focus on priorities. In addition, it provides a measuring point for future success.

Complete your Productivity Scorecard below and click "Calculate" to see your results.

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1. I have clear life goals and my daily life reflects those goals.

2. I have clear goals at work.

3. I have a good system for managing projects and tasks.

4. I manage my time well.

5. I can find information in paper form quickly.

6. I can find information on my electronic devices quickly (e.g. computer, laptop, phone).

7. I manage my email effectively.

8. I can find and update contact/client information quickly.

9. I purge outdated and unneeded information regularly.

10. I am confident others can find what they need if I am not here.

11. I am aware of the resources available to be productive in my job.

12. It is easy for me to handle interruptions and distractions.

13. I can easily prioritize my work.

14. My office reflects the quality of my work.

15. I am most productive when:

16. The one thing that would make the biggest improvement in my individual productivity is:

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