Productivity Scorecard for Organizations

Life Made Simple's Productivity Scorecard for Organizations helps to determine your team and/or your company's particular productivity challenges and gives you an easy way to focus on priorities. In addition, it provides a measuring point for future success.

Complete your Productivity Scorecard below and click "Calculate" to see your results.

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1. We have a well-managed system for sharing physical information (e.g. paper and other resources).

2. We have a well-managed system for sharing electronic information.

3. We use an effective process for implementing new technology.

4. I am trained appropriately on the optimal use of technology in my company.

5. I am provided the necessary tools to do my job well.

6. Meetings at my company are managed effectively.

7. We have a clear mission, vision, and core values.

8. Communication within my company is appropriate and effective.

9. We have a clear records retention policy that allows for easy maintenance of paper and electronic files.

10. We have an effective annual planning (goal-setting) process.

11. We have a good system for managing projects and work in progress.

12. The work environment at my company allows me to be productive.

13. My company puts the right people in the right positions.

14. We are proactive and plan for future risks and opportunities.

15. The work environment at my company is reflective of the quality of our products and/or services.

16. My company operates efficiently and effectively.

17. The one thing that would make the biggest improvement in my company’s productivity is:

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