Team Productivity, Communication and Collaboration

The success of a business depends directly on the ability of its teams to work productively, communicate effectively and collaborate efficiently.  Life Made Simple assists teams in developing the systems and processes needed to create a more productive, and less stressful, environment for your team.  We offer group training and consultation in the following areas:

  • Near-Paperless Environments
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Email and Calendar Management
  • Central and Individual Filing Systems
  • Daily Workflow and Efficiency
  • Project Management
  • Office Communication and Workflow
  • Development of collaborative systems for physical information as well as PC-based and cloud-based information.
  • Other customized services to fit your specific needs

After reviewing your current systems, processes and tools and discussing your vision for a productive workplace, Life Made Simple will create your Productive Workplace Plan. We offer various levels of service for implementing your plan, including the Total Productive Workplace Program and the Office Clean-Out Day.  Life Made Simple tailors our programs to work with your team’s particular resources and needs.

Contact your productivity partner today and be on your way to a more productive workplace!