Life Made Simple's Productivity Scorecard for Individuals helps to determine your particular productivity challenges and gives you an easy way to focus on priorities. In addition, it provides a measuring point for future success.

Complete your Productivity Scorecard below and click "Calculate" to see your results.

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1. I have clear life goals and my daily life reflects those goals.

2. I have clear goals at work.

3. I have a good system for managing projects and tasks.

4. I manage my time well.

5. I can find information in paper form quickly.

6. I can find information on my electronic devices quickly (e.g. computer, laptop, phone).

7. I manage my email effectively.

8. I can find and update contact/client information quickly.

9. I purge outdated and unneeded information regularly.

10. I am confident others can find what they need if I am not here.

11. I am aware of the resources available to be productive in my job.

12. It is easy for me to handle interruptions and distractions.

13. I can easily prioritize my work.

14. My office reflects the quality of my work.

15. I am most productive when:

16. The one thing that would make the biggest improvement in my individual productivity is:

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